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As We Know, The USB Has USB2.0, USB3.0 and USB 3.1 Verison. And USB Ports can be dvivided into A Type, Mircb-B Type and the most popular C Type.


Now we mostly use USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 Technology, as they are faster than USB 2.0, with better data speed performance.

And the As USB 3.0 data cables and USB 3.1 data cables (also called Type-C3.1) are different, their soldering methods are also different.

USB 3.0 A Type and USB3.0 Micro-B Type Data Cables Sodering Machine

The USB Data Cable Soldering Machine Solders connectors without contact, there is no high temperature. It will not heat or damage the plastic components.

Semi-Automatic operation, Easy to operate. High efficient, safe and functional. Every 0.6 second (0.3s to soldering and 0.3s to cold down) to soldering a connector.


USB 3.1 data cables,  also called USB Type-C3.1 Cables Sodering Machine

The Type-C Data cable soldering machine uses pulse heating technology, the soldering temperature can be accurate controlled. The PCBs and IC Chips can be well soldered by precision temperature without hurting the PCBs.

The temperature of the hot press can be shown by the real-time temperature curve.


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