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Talking about the data cable soldering machines, there are really many types. Some are for soldering high speed transmit data cables, some are for soldering low speed data cables. Some are automatic, and some are semi-automatic.

Which are the best choices for you? It depends.

full automatic data cable soldering machine

There are some full automatic data cable soldering machine in the market, for example USB automatic soldering machine, but they only soldering low speed USB1.0 and USB 2.0, although those are full automatic, but they can not solder the latest high speed USB 3.0 and USB Type-C 3.1 data cables.

There are also some full automatic soldering machine for High Speed data cable, it usually costs more than 150 thousand US dollars. It is not easy to withdraw the machine invest cost.

Semi-automatic data cable soldering machine

So there is another option, the semi-automatic data cable soldering machine, it helps reduce the labor costs, and the machine does not cost too much. Usually around 20 thousands to 50 thousands US dollars. They are easy to control and easy to operate.

Here we will introduce several semi-automatic data cable soldering machines.

Data Cable Soldering Machine for USB3.0 and HDMI Data Connectors

The machine is very compact size and easy to carry. The High frequency soldering machine solders high-speed data cable connectors without contact, there is no high temperature. It will not heat or damage the plastic components.

It has the feature of soldering high dense data cable connectors. It means there are many small wire connectors need to be soldered in a very limited area. But the machine can do the work very well.


The machine has the digital display control, it is easy to operate.

Soldering Machine for Data cable with PCB and IC chips

Some data cables are not like common data cables, these data cables have small PCB and IC chips on the Port Connector Side.


And these PCBs and IC chips are easy to get damaged when soldering, only need to control the temperature very accurate in the precise value, the PCBs on data cable connectors can be soldered well.

In this situation, the Hot Bar data cable soldering machine can do this work, especially dual side hot bar soldering machine. It uses pulse heating technology, the soldering temperature can be accurate controlled.


It is very suitable for soldering the latest USB Type-C 3.1 High Speed Data Cable with small PCB. The PCB on data cable be soldered very well.

So there’s all about the data cable soldering machine we discussed today. Hope the article is helpful for you.

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