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The Semi-automatic high frequency data cables soldering machine is unique designed for soldering USB3.0 Data Cables and Connectors, and HDMI/DP/IDC/DVI Data Cable and Connectors.

The data cables can be single-thread/multi-thread copper wire bundle or single-thread/ multi-thread copper covered steel wire bundle.


The Detailed Application Soldering Data Cables Scopes

  • Suitable for soldering HDMI series Data cables connectors, including HDMI A Type, HDMI C Type, HDMI D Type.
  • Suitable for soldering USB 3.0 series Data cables connectors, including USB 3.0 A Type AND USB 3.0 micro B Type.
  • Suitable for soldering other kinds of high dense high speed data cable pins, for example, DP series, DVI series, IDC Series.

The Features of the USB3.0 and HDMI Data Cables Soldering Machine

  • Tin Soldering without contact, it will not heat and damage the plastic components.
  • Semi-Automatic, digital display control, easy to operate and save labor costs, high efficient and safe.
  • Fast soldering speed. Every 0.6s (0.3s to soldering and 0.3s to cold down) to soldering a connector.
  • Soldering power adjustable. Soldering & cold down time, high soldering quantity.
  • Multi-purpose application, can solder many cables and connectors items and only needs to change the plug fixture.



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