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The Dual Side Hot Bar Soldering Machine, It is used for solder copper wire bundle, copper cover steel Data  wire bundle with PCB board by tin.

The soldering scope can be The wire can be PCB board with IC board, Type-C 3.1 data wire with PCB boards, HDMI to VGA data cable PCB board, Type-C 2.0.

“It is so comfortable to use, although it is semi-automatic soldering machine, not full-automatic, but it is the best cost-effective.” – Minh Phung

Let’s the see the dual side hot bar data cable soldering machine‘s tehnique data.

Dual side hot bar soldering machine’s tehnique data

Pulse Frenquency100K-1M
Max Soldering Width40 mm
Voltage/FrequencyAC 220V/50Hz
Driving Modestepping motor
Soldering Temperature100~500℃
Cooling MethodWind Cooling
Operation ControlDigital Panel Control
Size1300x550x550 mm
Weight30 KG

What’s the Features of the Dual Bar Soldering Machine?

First, the hot bar soldering machine uses pulse heating technology, the temperature can be accurate controlled around 100℃ to 500℃. And the Temperatuee of the hot press can be shown by the real-time temperatuere curve.

Next, It is the semi-automatic control, It has digital display control, easy and safe to operate . It will help wire processing workshop save labor costs.

And the fast soldering speed ensure it high efficient working.

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